Sample Requirements

Biological Sample Requirements and Transport Information

On each sample, please note the patient's name (printed if it is possible), identification number (if any) and date of birth.

• For molecular genetic analyzes (of single genes or gene panels), the required biological material is a venous blood or DNA sample.

• For microarray analysis (aCGH) - venous blood, DNA sample or other specific material (tissue).

• For microsatellite instability - tumor and normal tissue.

Venous blood:
DNA *:

* The concentration and quality of the DNA sample are checked in a preliminary analysis in the laboratory; if the sample is not sufficient, the analysis cannot be performed.

Tumor tissue *:

* Before sending a tumor sample for analysis for microsatellite instability, please contact us to discuss the case.

Address for sending biological material:

Laboratory of Genomic Diagnostics
Molecular Medicine Center
2 Zdrave Str. (the building of SBALAG "Mother's Home", 14th floor)
Sofia 1431

Special instructions

Please note onto the sample (blood, DNA, tissue or other type of sample) the patient's three names (printed) and date of birth and/or identification number. It is mandatory to sign and apply informed consent from the patient and fill in analysis order (by the referring physician or genetic consultant).

Samples are accepted from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00. If a sample needs to be sent on Friday, please contact us to arrange receipt.


The sample cannot be analyzed in the following cases:

  • Patient information is unrecognizable (unclear names, unclear or blank application form)

  • The integrity of the tube or container to which the sample was sent is compromised (e.g. the sample has expired)

  • The sterility of the sample is violated - the sample is contaminated

  • The sample is not enough or not sufficiently good quality

  • Wrong sample

Remaining DNA sample:

Upon completion of the analyzes, the remaining amount of DNA will be stored in the DNA bank of the Laboratory of Genomic Diagnostics, Molecular Medicine Center, and will be available for future analyses.