About GDL

The Genome Diagnostics Laboratory was established at the Molecular Medicine Center of Department of medical chemistry and biochemistry, Medical Faculty, Medical University - Sofia and registered in 2015 in Regional Health Inspectorate.

This is the only university diagnostic genomic laboratory in Bulgaria, offering the full range of genetic and genomic research, with the most modern equipment for complete genomic analysis of the Center for Molecular Medicine, MU-Sofia.

It was established in accordance with Art. 2a of the Medical Establishments Act and with a decision of the Academic Council (AC) of Medical University-Sofia on the grounds of Art. 30, paragraph 1, item 3a of the Higher Education Act (HEA).

The Genome Diagnostics Laboratory applies the principle of translational medicine, implementing directly in clinical practice the most innovative diagnostic methods, using a comprehensive study of the genome through microchip analysis and massive parallel sequencing of a next generation. The laboratory also uses the full range of technologies for modern molecular genetic diagnostics (PCR, RT-PCR, direct Sanger sequencing).

Genetic and especially genomic research is the main tool for the realization of the exponentially, entering in the world healthcare including and in our country, extremely perspective and strategic in the long run approach of the precise medicine. It includes: diagnosis, prevention, prophylaxis, individualized treatment, rehabilitation, patient and family care based on genomic characteristics, lifestyle, environmental factors and social status.


The mission of the Genome Diagnostics Laboratory is to develop and offer Bulgarian citizens the most modern, reliable and affordable genetic and genomic analysis, shortening the path to a proper genetic diagnosis and an adequate treatment for each patient.